Brainfeeder’s latest recruit Azizi Gisbon is just fun as hell to listen to. Totally obnoxious, but a load of fun and he’s fast become one of my favourites. Although not so much if your mum’s in the same room as she is right now. This was supposed to drop a couple of months ago but for some reason or another it was delayed. Ignorant Prayers was worth the wait though as Azizi just goes on the mic, backed up by Jeremiah Jae’s twist on Hip Hop production. Includes: Legend of Zelda sound effects! Download the tape afta the jump…

Azizi Gibson x Jeremiah Jae – Yammaha

Azizi Gibson x Jeremiah Jae – Lover$

Azizi Gibson x Jeremiah Jae – Track 2

IGNORANT PRAYERS – who the fuck do people turn to when shit is bad? everyone wants to be somebody but niggas think you can just send a prayer to the man up hi, kick back and shit will happen. Niggas smh, since when has that worked? God is good but the man don’t grind for you. get your ass up off your knees and stop sucking dick till someone sais your head is good enough and decides to bring you along for the ride. Music has changed in thousands of ways since i use to own a walkman and some headphones about the size of a house. People don’t have to rhyme to make money, people don’t have to make sense to make money, SHIT people don’t even gotta be THEMSELVES to make money. so who the PHUCK are you to tell me about what I’m doing? exactly so shut your fucking dome, buy some weed and join me at the edge of the universe. We’re all doing drugs these days we’re all cursing and we’re all fucking so don’t call yourself holy because you make it to church on sundays 5 minutes early, thats a sick joke. be your-fucking-self GOD dammit didn’t you listen to mother? PS: Don’t Suck Dick to accomplish things in life.

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