Brainfeeder’s Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae have teamed up again to present ‘8th Street’, the first single from Ignorant Prayers 2. It is a follow up, which I’m sure you can guess, to Ignorant Prayers which came out about a year ago and was probably my most played mixtape of the summer, so I was real excited to see ‘8th Street’ drop yesterday over twitter.

Jeremiah Jae, who released an acclaimed album last summer and featured on Flying Lotus’ Captain Murphy endeavor, is a little left field but this beat is just crazy; dark, mysterious, theatrical, something I feel like belongs in a murder mystery thriller or some scene where the plot twist is about to be revealed after some terrific espionage. It’s juxtaposed by Azizi Gibson’s ridiculousness, who is no doubt an acquired taste but if you think he’s sweet then all the more power to you. Personally he’s one of the funnest MCs I bump through my speakers, although I don’t think I’d play his music to my grandmother. Luckily, I am not my grandmother, and can indulge in the enigmatic anime-enthusiast as much as I like.

Anyway, it’s real dope. Check it out, and keep an eye out for Azizi Gibson’s mixtape Ghost In The Shell which’ll drop in a couple of weeks.

In the words of Zi… Make sure you keep it trill…

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