Boston-based Producer/DJ Aytchpee is a multi-genre artist whose works span close to a decade. With thousands of sets and production duties behind him, he is ready to take on the globe once more with his latest release GRADIENT 2. The  14-track body of work showcases the producer/Dj’s versatile skill behind the boards and his knack for seamlessly blending genres and serves as the second entry in his GRADIENT series.

The project opens up with “FLYHI”, a laidback reflective track of solemn synths and somewhat hushed drums and layered pads. It’s quite engaging and sets the tone for the project. “SUPERHERO” is a superb follow-up and lives up to its title. The track has an uplifting feel with its rich horns and vibrant jazzy textures. The drums have an urgent and punchy feel and sure sound like the soundtrack for an urban superhero.

 This is followed by “CHANCE” a moody track made up of warm tones and punchy drums that gives off a contemplative vibe. There aren’t many changes here but the overall aesthetic is dynamic enough to arrest one’s attention. “PEACE/DEUCES”  tones down the energy with its nostalgia-inducing vibe made up of solemn flutes, strings and rich drum grooves underpinned by a prominent bassline. Similar to the title, it also exudes a peaceful and comforting feel. “WONDERFUL “ starts off with a punchy drum break before the melancholic flutes come into play. The bassline here also adds that extra oomph to it. The end also changes into a pitched-down version that plays for a few seconds before fading out.


“HOOPTI “ employs a hard-hitting trap drum groove and atmospheric synth. The synth here overpowers everything else but the 808 kicks are cut sharp and cut through the mix for good measure. It’s also quite short and doesn’t even play for up to a minute before “SUMMA”  comes in. “SUMMA” is as relaxing as the hottest season of the year and takes us to the tropic islands with its dancehall groove and atmospheric textures made up of airy xylophones and warm pads. “CHILD”  makes use of a vibrant and funky dance drum groove and reflective jazz-infused textures. It’s hard to classify this one as it has hints of jazz/dance/electronic elements and some soul. “BLONDE “starts off with an experimental pop/vaporwave-type vibe before the classic drum break comes into the mix. Overall, it’s cinematic, dark and strays completely from the previous beats offering listeners something new to rock to. “SUNSET” has that quintessential lofi/hip-hop feel with its crunchy drums, dusty vinyl sample chops and overall warm aesthetic.  “SYRUP”  reminds me of taking a ride through a futuristic city using a hovercar. The scenic sample is pretty vivid, cinematic and engaging from start to finish. “NOELLE” makes use of hushed drums, jazzy piano arrangement, pulsating bassline riffs and subtle sound design that add a rich emotional oomph to it.


The project closes out with  “GROOVE”  and “I-93S” . “GROOVE” taps into the classic hip-hop we all love with its upbeat drum breaks, soulful chops and lively energy while “I-93S” takes listeners on a ride through Aytchpee’s stomping grounds. The soundscape used here is solemn, reflective and somewhat sad and gives an overall feeling of listeners reaching the final destination and it’s time to let things go.


Overall GRADIENT 2 lives up to its title as it offers listeners a gradual change of pace and musical styles from the first track to the last. His use of subtle vocal snippets throughout the project is also an interesting element I noticed and lovers of boom-bap, lofi, downtempo and even vaporwave can appreciate his efforts for he did a fine good job.

Stream GRADIENT 2 on all DSPs here.


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