Zilla Rocca – Vienna (prod Dr. Quandary)

The story behind this track is quite an interesting one and the way Vienna touched me is quite similar to the way Zilla Rocca reacted when he heard the beat. Indeed, the MC admitted that he had to write to it as he was “losing [his] marbles over [Dr. Quandary’s] latest instrumental release”  and when I listened to the track I was put under its spell, feeling compelled to spread the word about it.
The original instrumental, Holographic Body, is taken from Dr. Quandray’s album Sigils, which is definitely worth checking out. Once again, I need to quote Zilla Rocca, as the way he describes Vienna is quite appropriate. According to him, it is “dinner for two at that hideaway restaurant with the brickwall that you’ve walked by a million times and never knew existed until you met the right girl.



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