The Great British weather has been very, well, grey recently. It doesn’t even seem like we here in London have clouds, clouds are either white and fluffy or dark grey and ominous. At the moment the sky just just looks like one big sheet of depressing light grey. I’ve been told the story is much the same across the east coast of the U.S right now (maybe you guys out in Cali don’t need this) so what better time for a feel good summer song that not many of us will understand but all of us can vibe to? Enter Marcelo D2:

Marcelo D2 – Desabafo

The lyrics aren’t actually about anything particularly summery, yet when you consider that Marcelo is from Rio De Janeiro where the weather is never too far off summer, all music is summer-time music. So if you’re stuck under a grey sky then picture cruising in your ride on a bright summer’s morning, with the windows (or top) down, the smell of freshly cut grass as you pass the local park and the sound of that wonderful lady’s voice on the chorus blasting from the speakers. The hook even sounds slightly muffled, as if someone is playing the song in another room or it’s oozing from a car or housing block in the distance, providing a background soundtrack for everyone as they go about their day.
Songs like this even make a ride to school/work/college enjoyable, a journey and moment you don’t want to end.
God bless Brazil.

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