Trek Life – Wouldn’t Change Nothing (prod Oddisee)

“Wouldn’t Change Nothing ” is coming out on my label, Mello Music Group, Tuesday July 12th , it’s another summer record. We brought on a lot of dope producers to revisit the “Everything Changed Nothing” album. This one’s got some of my West Coasts people like J Bizness, Duke Westlake, A3, Captain, and DJ Buddy. Plus it’s got Detroit’s Apollo Brown and MarvWon, Philly’s Has-Lo, Audible Doctor who did Joel Ortiz’s Battle Cry, ST/MiC came through with some heat, SlimKat78 who did a lot of work on yU’s Before Taxes killed a joint, and of course Oddisee jumped in for two tracks. It’s a big record. Aaron Sutton from Visual Goodies did the cover art…-Trek Life


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