The Primeridian – Whistle While You Work (prod Tall Black Guy)

I was listening to this track earlier on in the office and I need to tell you that it works! I was nodding my head seriously and almost whistling (I can’t actually whistle at all but I would have), as it is that good! Tall Black Guy and The Primeridian are really spreading some good vibes with this track and I highly recommend you give it a listen if you’re stressed out or feeling low. The production is spotless, as usual with Tall Black Guy, and the lyrics courtesy of The Primeridian are positive and uplifting. What else could you ask for?
Whistle While You Work is the second single from their upcoming album, Darling Lure, which drops on September 13th and what’s even more awesome is that you can download it for free! This is obviously the kind of good news you’ll want to spread around. Big shout out to Chaka B for putting me on this one and for her overall amazing job promoting Tall Black Guy. Stay tuned for more info when the album is out!


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