Stro the 89th Key – Requiem for Dilla

The Month of February/Dilla Month is coming to an end, and I didn’t want to miss the chance of posting my favorite dedication to Dilla…

Put together by Stro the 89th key of “The Procussions“, you can really feel the nostalgia/sadness on this track…originally included on the EP  “The Proseeds” in 2007 was only available online when released.

You can clearly hear on his work that he was influenced in a very big way by J Dilla.

I truly think that Stro is one of the few that really follow on his mentor’s footsteps by putting Soul on those beautiful beats…that extra little something that J Dilla had, fortunately lives on through him and a few others…

Stro The 89th Key: MySpace


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