Sincere Vega – She Say (Prod. Maxx Julian)

I can not stress the importance of you. Dropping an album to a universe of deaf ears is the worst experience of all, probably second to some kind of zombie attack, or roach invasion. Thank you very much for contributing to this mission. Maxx and I are spending energy on this album. By energy, I don’t necessarily mean the physical investment. I’m referring to the life and experience investment. The stories that you will be hearing in the upcoming album will be both motivating and entertainingly traumatic. This is our second leak. Please have a listen and support it by posting if you can. As always, I will continue broadcasting through space snagging every straggling ear and bringing them to the truth that is your site. As bloggers you are tastemakers. Blog culture has influenced every aspect of my being from writing and production, to my own open mindedness as far as unheard artists. You are the new demigods of the music universe. Hold us down. Wordap.
“She Say” is the second leak from the upcoming album “sinAmaxx” from Detroit producer, Maxx Julian (@maxxjulian) and Orlando emcee, Sincere Vega (@sincere_vega). Maxx contributes a somber head-knock instrumental that surges with a soulful sample sequence, creating the perfect platform for Vega to tell a melancholic and personal tale about the down-side of love.


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