Mode 7 – Bust Ya Melon

The brother Kevin, has been telling us about this project for some time now, and I must admit, we’ve been sleeping in spreading the word, as this is no doubt WIB material. Real nice Jazzy backdrop, laced with easygoing and laid back lyrics. Perfect for the start of the weekend.


After working with Jazz Spastiks last year for the Internet viral single “Hot Shit!”, Queens NY emcee Junclassic has teamed up once again with the UK production duo for a full album of jazzy hip-hop entitled Mode 7. Penned by the makers of the Nintendo video game system, the technical term Mode 7 is a graphics mode on the old Super Nintendo Entertainment System that enabled it to scale and rotate pixels in the background layer, allowing the system to perform features seemingly beyond it’s capabilities which created the illusion of a 3D environment. 

Mode 7 will be released July 26th on HiPNOTT Records, available digitally on iTunes and on compact disc at

Junclassic: Website


Lyrics After The Jump… 

Feast Yeast
For Deceased Peeps that Would Eat Any Creep Ona Beat
Didn’t Even Have To Speak Mad Unique
Never Know What You have Till It Has To Leave
Me? See
I Been Around The Block Like A Nigga Tryin To Cop
When Its Hot
A Vet’ll Get In an Out The Spot Under Watch
Still Get Away Clean
Never Sleep If You Blink Ima DayDream
Born Healthy The Good Lord Gave All Blessings
and Let A Sick World Infect Me
I Guess 20 Years Of School Wasn’t Enuff Tests
So HE Added Drugs Mathematics Guns Rough Sex
My Hershey Chick Sayin “jun You’re The Shit”
Dirty Lick Have That Cat Purring Like Eartha Kitt
Slave To The Rhythm This Is What Its All About
Nigga In The Field Shit Is Real Catching Cotton Mouth
Without A Doubt


Watch The Way He Twirl Dutches
I Don’t Think The World Love Us
Seeing Little Girls Suffer
Correcting The Calibration So The Picture Is Clear
Visionary Baritone For The Hearing Impaired
Young Mothers Abuse Cold Lovers No Rubbers
So The Youngins Comin Every Other Summer
Wondering The Streets Wit Her Toddler In The Pouring Rain
Lookin For Support Off Adults Gettin Off The Caine
Still Lost In All They Pain
Don’t Always Love Company Or Want Ya Sympathy
I Dig It To The 10th Degree Everybody Doing Them
Play The Fool Chase Around Them Hooligans
Ima Develop A TransAtlantic Monorail
First Stop London Next Ft. Lauderdale
Make A Dream Reality
Ya God Ca Testify I Went From Broke To Decent Salary


Here’s Ya Brain: Eggs In A Frying Pan
Kids Wanna Rep The Same Colors As Spiderman
No Matter What I Try To Tell My Little Live Man
He Keep Bangin Like A Drummer Ina Live Band
A Young Man But To Him He A Gremlin
And He Get It In So What The Fuck Ca I Tell Him?
I Pray LORD Watch When He Not In School
On FaceBook He Say “Hey Unc” I Try To Drop A Jewel
In Jim Crow We Wasn’t Tryin To Get Lynched
Crabs Ina Bucket Tryin Not To Get Pinched
Funny How Mobsters Get Found Wit Lobsters
Friggin Imposters Live Long and Prosper
You Ca Sit Here Stay In Hell
Or Find A Good Position You Ca Fit In And Play It Well
Smell the Bullshit A Mile Away
Ain’t A Minute Promised
Do Something To Make You Smile Today
Thats What I Would Say


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