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San Jose Reppin’ Megabusive one half of the fucking mutants, Has hit us with some stealth streamlining heat off the first the year-long project titled “My 2012″…The lyricism this man contains is that of a proximity mine from the mind.. Designed to detonate on contact and always spittin’ ahead of his time.. “Megabusive” has been putting in work for years but it’s 2012 and it’s time for the shine of his craft to take flight..it’s “Crunch Time”.. So as a result of this here has been said to whats to come:
I’ll be releasing singles and videos throughout the year, independent of all my other albums, EP’s, etc. speaking on my thoughts in regard to living in 2012.


Listen/Purchase “Crunch Time” ON BANDACAMP CLICK HERE

Megabusive: Twitter


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