GrandeMarshall – Y’all Don’t Hear Me Theaux

GrandeMarshall – The Black Crown Vic Interlude

GrandeMarshall – I Offed One

Born in NorthWest Philadelphia, Xavier Marshall has always been some what of a musical prodigy. 2000 was the year he picked up a pen and slashed away at a journal’s pages, and since then, he hasn’t been able to stop.To this day he can recite his 1st 3 bars, the 1st 3 that started everything. Eight years and he has finally been given the green light. Ladies and gentleman- Rhymebook 101- Class Is In Session. For eight years (he’s 14 now, you do the math) Xavier has worked tirelessly on his craft, constantly developing new formats, broader vocabulary, etc. “I hate it when people categorize their music; they call themselves ‘hipsters’ or ‘conscious’, it pisses me off sometimes (lol). I used to do stuff like that, but I realized that there’s a difference between an emcee and a rapper. Rappers are one-dimensional, emcees are multi-dimensional and can switch perspectives every time they get on a song. That’s what I’m doin for my LP, I’m giving you different elements of Hip-Hop. Storytelling, lyrical toughness, love songs, songs about pain, comedic type of $H!T

….Reppin’ Philadelphia this Mc has heart and passion within his own style and grind.and GrandeMarshall is a problem if he coming out like this.Throwing out a few tracks to get you acquainted but it’s a WIB SLAPS TO YOUR JAW!! Turn this up and bang this properly… BIG SHOUT OUT TO PANANA RED FOR THE LOOK OUT!!! GHEA!! BOY GO HARD!!!


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