e.d.g.e. – Overdose (prod Sinitus Tempo)

It is always a great pleasure for me to present some new music by e.d.g.e. and Sinitus Tempo, especially when they are on the same track. Sometimes, you have two people with a common friend or associate, who don’t know each other but who have a lot more than this person in common. One day, they will get in touch thanks to this person and discover how magical their collaboration can be. I’ll try not to mention this too often, but I am extremely happy to have been this person for e.d.g.e. and Sinitus Tempo as I admire both of them and because the combination of their talent is simply incredible. Just in case you are not familiar with e.d.g.e., I would kindly recommend you go have a look at the interview we did last week.
Now, after two previous tracks together, the MC and producer are back with more and even the promise of a future EP, which makes me feel kind of elated, I have to admit. I don’t do drugs, but music can sometimes lead me to Overdose and this is exactly the kind of track that could make me feel high, with its super energetic and hypnotic rhythm created by a wonderful instrumental by Sinitus Tempo and e.d.g.e.’s fast-paced, flawless flow. I’ll stop now with the rambling and leave you to enjoy the track.
Stay tuned for more info on the guys!

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