Dela – Lucys&LooseLeafs feat. Blu

Hip-Hop’s favorite French beatmaker of this generation, Dela, releases his sophomore album Translation Lost today. I know a lot of true hip-hop heads have been waiting on this one, enjoy.


Most of the album was composed in Montreal in 2009 and 2010. The sonics of the album were shaped by the vinyls Dela would come across, constantly visiting record stores throughout the city. Jazz, Funk, Prog, Quebec music being the styles he sampled the most. His love for melodies and beautiful chord changes has remained intact, but an accent is made on the drums, probably the most important instrument in Hip-Hop music.

While Changes Of Atmosphere had guests on every track (Talib Kweli, Les Nubians, Large Professor, Elzhi to name a few), the new album is half instrumental. Reach, a Kansas City based MC who appears on most Dela’s projects, opens the record with Go On, an ode to the working class. Californian super MC Blu, who has been a regular guest on Dela’s mixtapes & album as well, blesses us with Lucy’s&LooseLeafs and WhatUWanna. Sowlie, a young talent from France, lends her wordless vocals to the laidback Chunky Monkeying while Long Island born & raised MC Kemizt, who’s currently working on a whole project with Dela, speaks his piece on I Will.

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