BAYB – Saran Wrap

B.A.Y.B..the trio outta Seattle Jarv Dee,Nacho Picasso, P Steez album..”Ziploc Hip-Hop” is packed with straight frost, a sticky-icky-icky hybrid of street rap, trap rap, and swag rap, something usually reserved for the pure individualist with two or three ice chains and an umbrella holder for the heavy downpour of US currency. But here, our trio manages to share the spotlight with amazing chemistry and an even more outstanding display of skill and wordplay….Cloud Nice is an artists collective and a recording and production facility located in the South End of Seattle’s culturally diverse Beacon Hill community. Founded in 2007 by Tay Sean and Mikey Nice, Cloud Nice and its music has quickly become a staple to the Seattle hip-hop scene…

…WIB Ziplockin’ the Post Game!

Cloud Nice: Website


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