Youngs Landon Wordswell Ft Hobbs&Diezel P – Stand Up

An up and coming emcee who goes by the name of Landon Wordswell or Youngs is preparing to release his next mixtape titled, “The Fountain of Youth II”. Landon has been gradually rising through the underground ranks with numerous releases, working alongside a number of other artists and performing across the globe.
Landon told WIB: “The project [The Fountain of Youth] is currently half recorded thus far and I have the singles ready for it.” One of those singles is the inspirational “Stand Up” (video above) featuring Hobbs & Diezel P, produced by DJ Jaxx Green.

The song ends fairly abruptly leaving us wanting more from this young man, therefore it’s a good job “The Fountain of Youth II” is well and truly on the way.
To read more on Landon and the meaning behind “Stand Up”, check this exclusive interview he did with Keeynote Blog.

Landon Wordswell a.k.a Youngs: MySpace Twitter Refined Hype Interview

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