The second single from the upcoming release “AUTOMatic Presents – 3099″ is an introspective track in which APRIME – as his alter-ego 3099 – rhetorically asks the question “what if?”

Featuring soul singer Lex Allen (“Cream and Sugar”) of the continuously buzz worthy Milwaukee music collective New Age Narcissism (Webster X, Lorde Fredd33, Q the Sun, etc.) on the chorus, the smooth rapping and singing blend together to create a true piece of mood music.


After doing music in Milwaukee for over a decade as a solo artist, 1/2 of Class:Sick, one of the most notable members of hip-hop group House of M, and as the emcee of the underground group AUTOMatic. APRIME  looks back at all of the effort and time spent on doing what he loves and mulls over the idea of what if he never tried to follow his dreams? The question of whether or not it has all been worth it also looms large on the song.

“AUTOMatic Presents – 3099” was released this past April independently via Transistor Sound through the AUTOMatic Bandcamp page


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