Switzerland-based singer/songwriter Anouchka Gwen shares the visuals for her new single “Utopia,” an experimental pop/R&B ballad that explores her frustrations being a POC. Bolstered by the cinematic and engulfing backdrop made up of airy arpeggios and moody synths layered over solid drum grooves, Gwen delivers a heartwarming performance that draw listened in. From her sublime melodic runs and layered harmonies to her evocative lyrics, she paints a new world where her race doesn’t act as a barrier to her happiness and she can live as freely as she can.

The track is produced by Dave Fluetsch and Carolina Müller.

The visual directed by Manuel Hildebrandt captures Gwen’s unique and expressive performance style. It follows her through moments of frustrations till she is led by a strange figure into her very own Utopia where things are blissful.

“Utopia” is taken from Anouchka Gwen’s new project of the same name. A 9 track body of work that blends indie pop, rock, electronica, R&B, and alternative elements. Most of the album was recorded in collaboration with the young Basel producer Alexia Thomas.

Get “Utopia” on Spotify.

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