Emerging LA-based singer Angela Muñoz really caught our ears with her brand of vintage soul vibes. On her new release “So Young” she delivers a sublime vocal performance that showcases her vocal range and deep songwriting skills over a lush backdrop. Backed by the production prowess of Adrian Younge who gives Muñoz nothing but pure soul-gripping pieces, the young singer leaves no stone unturned as her performance is more than outstanding.

The song is quite alluring and profound as well as Muñoz really taps into the emotions that come with life struggles. Far from being regretful, she tackles it from the mindset of someone who has seen the ropes but still feels there is much to be learned as life goes on. “So Young” is taken from her forthcoming June release.

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Angela Munoz is an old soul that finds solace in the sound of an orchestra, turntables or the randomness that fuels her youthful energy; a prodigy who stands by her uniqueness, even if it doesn’t satisfy the status-quo. She believes the heart of music is emotion and this is where she finds her personal liberty and strength. With her commanding presence, she is destined to become a cannon in music for years to come.

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