Some of you might not immediately recognize the name but in the not too distant past, some guys were represented on the Bond under the band name Basement Up. Well, Allen Poe guy is one-third of the Frankfurt group, and he brings the soulful songstress Emma Shaheen to serenade us on the hooks for ‘Old Street’.

Allen Poe may have just won me over because he shows he has an ear for good beats and this very soulful hip hop track is a winner. I particularly like his laid back style which lets you pay attention to his tale and even helps you imagine the scenario he is painting; somehow, you find yourself on that same old street that Poe is dishing about here. I just can’t help but wonder how long this this man will keep this smooth style up for because I really hope he doesn’t eventually sell out, like most cats do going by recent events. Word up to Jaze Baqti for the wonderful backing track – that bass line is just soul catching. You guys may just be in for a treat as I can say authoritatively that this track is one single of the bag of goodies about to drop. ‘Old Street’ is from anEP to be released in the first month of the new year to be called Pocket Full Of Ohms.

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