Rising Cameroonian-Danish alt-R&B singer Allen Anjeh makes a grand entry with her new release titled Ó mmɛ ne, a 5 track EP that blends Alternative R&B with experimental neo-soul aesthetics. The title is from the Cameroonian phrase ‘Ó mmɛ ne’  which directly translates to ‘this is I’ and it’s befitting for its rich compositions and heartfelt songwriting that explores love, heartbreak, self-love and emotional pain. The project sees her teaming up with London-based Nigerian artist/producer AZEKEL, Danish music producers, Esben Zefting and Mark Fosnæs and London-based, Danish Producer Mont Jake, who all help to bring her creativity to life.



“Rising Sun” opens up the project on a bright note with producer Mont Jake using lush guitar riffs, warm pads and mellow bass-laden grooves. Here, Allen delivers a heartfelt plea to her partner, imploring them to find a common ground before things get out of hand. The song has a nostalgic and comforting feel and Allen’s lyrics about compromise and empathy are asserted in the chorus “You don’t really know what I’m about/Gotta take a minute try to talk it now/It’s time to be honest”. This is followed by the AZEKIEL-produced “Once in a Million”, a mellow experimental soul track underpinned by Allen’s airy vocal drawl and unapologetic lyrics that talk about finding strength after a painful breakup. she acknowledges her flaws in the past and being trustworthy one time too many opened her eyes and made her self-aware. Ultimately she finds strength in herself and proceeds to move on from the past on this tune.



The guitar-driven track “I SEA U” which is produced by Mont Jake is a blissful tune ripe with pulsating basslines and midtempo grooves that is perfect for a summer cookout. The theme, however, is sad and reflective as Allen looks back at the good times she had and how being neck-deep in love threw her for a loop. She asks her partner “Baby tell me am I wrong. Am I foolish?/I want you to hear me out, tell me now, need to know”, imploring them to be more affirmative with their feelings and not joke around with her heart.

The project closes out with “Malick” and “Circumstance”, 2 distinctively engaging tune that showcases Allen’s versatility and ability to push her musical boundaries beyond the confines of genre classification. “Malick” has an atmospheric and ethereal soundscape ripe with rich percussions, solemn guitar arrangements and moody pads underpinned by Allen’s sultry melodic runs and layered harmonies. Here, she embodies the spirit of a wandering lover who has to go on a personal journey by herself to find her true North. Sad she has to leave everything behind but it’s something she has to embark on to become a better person. “Circumstance” starts off with a punchy drum groove and slowly builds up alongside Allen’s airy melodic runs and stylish lilting vocal tone. She employs a different cadence at certain parts of the song which adds an extra layer of sultriness to her vocals. She is quite unapologetic and pours her true feelings on wax with lines like “I know I can fill up your void, as long as you love me right, boy/ I’m conflicted, my body’s yearning, you’re persistence, I need consoling”. It feels like a roller coaster of emotions for her as she tries to balance her wants against an uncertain feeling of reciprocity from her love interest.


Overall Ó mmɛ ne, is as explorative as they come but threads softly with familiar themes and sounds that we all know. The core R&B/neo-soul elements are never compromised while the eclectic experimental aesthetics help push Allen’s creativity and sound to a higher plateau.


 (Photo credit CHANTAL AZARIH)

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