Budding London, UK based singer/songwriter Alichè delivers a heartfelt piece titled “Did I”. The introspective record details her rebellious and raging adolescent past which strained the relationship with her mum. She takes it further by penning an emotional open letter to her mum. Backed by the mellow and lush backdrop, she draws the listener with a passionate performance and commanding vocal tone. The track beautifully encapsulates the complex relationship between mother and daughter, the mistakes made, the love tested, and how becoming a woman lets you see what the woman who made you is really like.

She further states the following

The most challenging relationships in my life – the hurt, the love, the anger and the joy – have been with family. So that’s where I go sometimes when writing a song. Writing is a way of working through, working out, those relationships. The most important, and the most fraught one, was with my mum: the most important person in my life. And god did we have one hell of a journey. I struggled massively growing up: making sense of the world, mental health and becoming a woman. Whatever I went through, whatever I raged against or put her through, my mum was there. The lyrics “I have you to thank that I’m still around” are scarily true. “

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