[wpaudio url=”http://wordisbond.data.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/1.-14-Feelin-Blue-Nujabes-Tribute.mp3″ text=”14? – Feelin’ Blue (Nujabes Tribute)” dl=”0″]

“This tribute album is dedicated to Nujabes from his students/inspired souls here at Digi Crates Records and around the world.”

A second collection of music dedicated to the artistry of the late Nujabes.  The artists involved incorporate and re-interpret many of the stylistics and structures of the producer’s work into their own respectful tracks.

Many artists from the previous tribute make a return, with notably strong tracks from Reki with “Sweet Bitterness”, and DJ Ezasscul with “Counting with Jun” which made me smile with its combining of Nujabes’ “Counting Stars” sample (Affirmation by Jose Feliciano) with the Detroit Spinner’s “It’s a Shame”.

Another mention has to go to “Stars: Eyes Of The Departed” by Marcus D which, as many listeners have already pointed out, shows not so much a new sound but an evolved one. A stand out track on the album, and a strong sign of artist progression.

While saying that this may or may not spawn into an annual series would be pure speculation, there is no doubt that the releases have provided several tracks that strongly show the legacy left by Nujabes.

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