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The High Wit A Nonsmoker EP is produced by Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble. Tahir Jahi and Jus L are two brillant emcees that are trailblazing new lanes in the Hip Hop scene.

This EP is for all the smokers and nonsmokers.

It’s always a pleasure to see talented artists I appreciate working together on a project. After several collaborations, Pittsburgh-based producer BusCrates and MC Tahir Jahi teamed up once again, this time joined by MC Jus L, to form an incredible trio and craft a very interesting EP, High Wit A Nonsmoker.
As the brief description underlines, this EP will be appreciated by both smokers and nonsmokers, as it provides a very chilled and relaxing soundtrack and deals with different ways of getting high, whether it is with the help of weed or simply music.

The production is very fitting, with BusCrates’ trademark synths and electronic elements, which create a spaced out atmosphere, making the journey all the easier. The producer is on a roll lately, working on different tracks and projects, getting more and more well-deserved exposure.
As for Tahir Jahi and Jus L, they are also excellent, as usual. Their flows complement each other quite well and the MCs touch upon different topics, from inspirational to lighter ones. They sound like a breath of fresh air, with their music covering different subjects and emotions, blending feel-good music with food for thought, all the while showcasing undeniable talent.

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