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Ok this is insane. Ackryte hit me up yesterday to show me this,  and it’s seriously jaw dropping. He and KVZE sent forward Supreme Sol a selection of dope, fire beats, who recorded over them for 23 minutes, non-stop, one take, one continuous flow. I didn’t believe it at first so I had to double check with Ackryte. Some mad mad skill. Costs a dollar (or more, if you think it’s worth it), so not exactly a freeness; but what’s a dollar when you can have 23 minutes of this?

This project contains some of the best unadulterated verses Supreme Sol has written and consists of 500 bars. Also when you purchase this album, you will receive the full 23 minute song as a hidden track. I hope you enjoy it!


You can check previous mentions of Ackryte here.

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