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Stro Elliot AKA Stro The 89th Key. the man behind the production for legendary group “The Procussions” has just told us about this one album that we  have been looking forward to listen to, and spread the word about, since our inception.

Stro’s Old Beat Farm”, is Stro’s first solo release since The Procussions split, back in 2007….the album is a bit of throwback, but it’s packed full of golden sounds.

Personally Stro is right up there with the best of the best, in terms of production. His signature drums, are DOPE every single time…with all this said, his work is massively underrated. This man should be out there with the 9th Wonder’s and Nicolai’s of the production world.

Stro’s Old Beat Farm” is available for purchase July 26th, and I HIGHLY recommend you all to support this first effort by Stro…we really need to hear more form this talented brother.  I’ve been listening to this album for about 2 hours now…its 19 tracks long, and I can guarantee you, if you a beat fanatic as much as we are here in WIB, then you won’t be dissapointed.

Spread the word people….Stro the 89th Key is back with a BANG!

Exclusive Instrumental project from Stro Elliot. A collection of unreleased and released music spanning his days as one of the Procussions, till 2010. After completing work on Mr. J. Medeiros “Saudade” album release, Stro is excited to begin work on his solo material. This Compilation of music handpicked with the help of his friend DJ Inka One, sets the table as a great appetizer of what’s to come from the producer/artist in the near future. 

Pre-Order “Stro’s Old Beat Farm” From Bandcamp

(You can download the track “Yesterday’s Chop Suey” For free)

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