[wpaudio url=”http://wordisbond.data.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/09.-Sa-Roc-The-Force.mp3″ text=”Sa-Roc – The Force” dl=”0″]

[wpaudio url=”http://wordisbond.data.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/10.-Sa-Roc-Stair-of-Siam.mp3″ text=”Sa-Roc – Stair of Siam” dl=”0″]

[wpaudio url=”http://wordisbond.data.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/04.-Sa-Roc-The-Little-Space-Ships.mp3″ text=”Sa-Roc – The Little Space Ships” dl=”0″]

Here’s a lyrical gem from late 2010, that went completely under the radar. Sa-Roc a Washington DC femcee, that is right up there with the most talented underground femcees….Tiye Phoenix, Boog Brown and Jean Grey. Had a listen to the album today, thanks to Chase March. And became an immediate fan.

Sa-roc hails from the southeastern area of Washington DC, a city that’s a mashup of poverty stricken hoods, a strongradical movement, and a fierce loyalty to cultural preservation. 
From subject matter ranging from melanin to pyramids, Saroc spits metaphysical ideas over melodic hip hop beats, seeking to fuse knowledge of self with great music.

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