Ron Contour is not your average guy nor is he your average rapper. Yes the moustache is real and his interests are varied. Although he looks nothing like your typical rapper (apologies for the generalisation) the brother has experience and can hold it down in the art of rapping.

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Ron Contour

Just go through his catalogue. Listening to Ron on his game, you can not tell that he sometimes takes extended breaks from music. Still he brings that element of fun and something different to the table.

Divorced for the time being from his regular producer, Moka Only, Ron Contour is back with a new album that is titled Saffron. The album is produced by Factor, whose style on some songs like the opening ‘Check It Out’, reminds me of the Wu-Tang affiliate Mathematics.

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In saying that the beats are more on the lazy and mellow side than being overly aggressive.  The first thing of note when you get the album is that there are only 12 songs and there’s a catch: only the last track ‘Shoe Box’ is over three minutes long. The rest are around the two minutes, two and half minutes mark, with two songs even less than that. Now I know Illmatic is only ten songs deep and thirty nine minutes long and is a classic but come on.

So Ron Contour and Factor clearly were onto a concept here or maybe they just didn’t have a lot of time. Other things to do, people to see, one might suppose. Does the gamble pay off, is the concept a stroke of genius or is it just folly mischief? I will let you decide.

Personally I like to listen to a good hip hop song in good measure. I like to get into the meat of it but every time I got to like a song for example ‘Glad’ it was over before I had got my feet under the table. Perhaps Ron and Factor are just too clever for me and it all went over my head I don’t know. Taking away the tried and tested three verse formula to many a rap song works well when it’s unexpected but for a whole album I just don’t know.

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Aside from the length of the record the production is accomplished and Ron’s lyrics and flow are just nice. I like a rapper who raps so seamlessly that he sounds like he’s not rapping at all but just talking to you. Peep the one verse gem that is ‘Prairie Wind’ or the wonderful ode ‘Wondrous’. Ron is confident in his skills and he likes to tell you about it. Topics talked about are … Ron, Ron, other rappers, women,  food and more food (hence the seasoning title I think) so if you are into hip hop and food you are onto a winner here. I can see this album being a ‘back to mine’ favourite and also going down well in student digs.
The album is out now so don’t sleep on it.




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