Twenty 5 Times is a mixtape straight out of London town by LeeN and Fat Jon of No Long Ting productions

It kicks in with title track Twenty 5 Times a relaxed intro by Floetic Lara, and immediately you’re sucked in, beginning like a Super Heroes theme tune, over the duration of the album you can expect to be uplifted by the dynamic duo of LeeN and Floetic.

LeeN – Knowing & Growing

LeeN joins the action on the 2nd tune; Knowing & Growing as he addresses what it’s like turning 25 and making the conversion from kidulthood to manhood and turning the mic on some of those that haven’t made the transition so well.


Fat Jon’s beats have an epic feel about them, the perfect backdrop for LeeN’s socially conscious content and smooth flow. Floetic Lara and LeeN come together perfectly on Gift of Divinity, Floetic’s eerie but sweet tones wash over in this laid back homage to finding a special partner.

LeeN – Gift Of Divinity Ft Floetic Lara

It’s refreshing to hear something original and positive coming from the UK rather than the usual extremes of Geek Chic and guns beef or. The outro is a fitting end to the mix tape with its uplifting respect of music and celebration of life, it’s everything you could ask from Hip-Hop; socially conscious, creatively sampled and fun loving.

Floetic Lara

You can also hear Floetic Lara and LeeN on BBC Radio London with Eddie Nestor at about the 2hr 47 mark



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