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What do you know about Asia? All that world’s-largest-region bounded-by-three-oceans hosting-60%-of-blue-planet’s-population stuff? Reserve it for schoolbooks, leave it to book smarts.
“The cradle of numerous peoples and tribes, the motherland of bloody conquerors, the vein of myths and legends, the soil giving food to more than a billion of human beings – Asia. Through many centuries it has been deep into sort of a mystical daze, despising business, not caring a little about the progress’s materialism in the way we understand it and paying attention only to the laboratory of mind and philosophic schemes. So it has woken up and is arising everywhere, hostile to both Europe and America…” 


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(с) Erenjen Khara-Dhavan, Grand PhD
You know everything about the cradle of civilization, but the changing fortunes of many of you have torn out the shabby pages of human memory.
Isn’t it you, my dear friend, standing next to King Tuthaliya as one of the Hittite soldiers, getting ready to defeat Assuwa’s forces? Look, in another life we stand next to each other in Alanda watching the travelling Marpa, who possesses the great tantra wisdom. Even before that I can see you on Baygaal’s shore with the grey horse you will sacrifice to Yer-sub.
It’s your Asia, the real one. You know it – you’ve just forgotten some details. The mocking winds of times have deprived you of your previous lifes’ memories, as they have always loved playing with people. The melody will help you, the music will become your Wajad and will bring your Asia back reminding it all.

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