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It seems like just yesterday, hollering from the sidelines with suggestions and recommendations, Wether from the forums and Shoutbox on da side…The North Caronlina Producer was one of my first suggestions to The Word Is Bond, and that made up to go live also…Time has passed and now 602Diggler is going strong along with the crew making my own posts to go live..Proud moment… Ghhhheeeaa!!!Stumbled upon “Work Hard” yesterday morning and now it’s up and crackin’ so as what was said, Been bangin’ Constrobuz selectively for a couple of years now.. and so it he’s stepped his marketing and promotion game up to now stand tough and seems to now be representing a lable also Two Circles Records…Either way at last he drops some new material on two the masses and keeps it thorough with his style of craft.. Glitchy, choppy, soulful samples, abrstracting the sounds to its full potential to succumb to a Constrobuz sound…But all in all… this is a composer you hardly hear about, underneath it all, Peep the complexity in rhythm of motion, quite distinct…Also will be droppin’ his earlier stuff so you can hear for a piece of mind, Enough Diggler Jargon and click the play button and bang this properly, would suggest headphones turnt up to it’s highest decimals… Keep us locked hear on WIB! Support the audible art at hand…


Constrobuz: SoundCloudLasFMMySpace


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