Faroese experimental rap-punk collective Aggrasoppar [ Pronounced Agg:rah:soh:parr] is made up of three acts Dania O. Tausen, Eyðfinn Bogason Lamhauge, and Trygvi Danielsen. The trio who go by the pseudonyms Ayphinn, Dada, and Sóljudrongur are at the forefront of a multi-genre, experimentation of sounds, and off-kilter songwriting with a youthful edge to it. Their latest release MIDNÁTTARSANG serves as the second instalment and B-side of a double concept album with the first instalment being døgurðaslang which was released last summer. Before we start, we need to know this; the word MIDNÁTTARSANG translates to midnight song, which refers to the Faroese tradition of gathering by the thousands at midnight of the annual national day to chain dance and sing old folk ballads.

The project is chock full of varying sounds and styles that showcase their unbridled energy and live-feel approach. The melodic styles vary from track to track and we often get this off-beat monotone performance complimented with haunting melodies and a touch of sultriness that has R&B/dark pop aesthetics. “75 KM/T” has an atmospheric texture, smooth punchy drums bolstered by thick basslines, and electrifying guitar riffs that close it out. “PEANUTBUTTER & BANAN” is a rousing track that starts with a gritty layered soundscape and energetic grooves before resolving the tension with a mellow and inviting pad-driven texture. “EIN GENTAF” employs lofi sensibilities or what we could call DIY/bedroom dark pop. The buildup is emotive, urgent and the haunting lead vocals are quite enthralling but the crazy part it it ends just as our ears are getting used to it.


“KONSEPTUALISERA SAMANHALD HVØRSÍNAMILLUM” is mostly instrumentation with dark moody qualities and the vocals come into play in the middle part. It’s sparsely arranged and gives audiences a panoramic view using some interesting sonic manipulation and sound design techniques that stray from the norm. Tracks like  “TEKIN UPPÁ LÍV” have a melancholic but summery feel that slowly dissipates into a mash-up of emotions toward the end while the final track “EINASTA VAKTIN” is introduced by a folk-ish horn arrangement before the hushed drums and airy textures come into play alongside haunting strings that remind me of a scene from a psychological thriller flick. Once again, the group goes against the grain and breaks all conventional rules with their off-centre arrangements and use of discordant synths and obscure sounds.

Overall, if you like unconventional, dark and edgy production, this is something for you.




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