‘The Prototype’ is a 15 track instrumental by NY based producer/emcee ADUM⁷. The project is pretty eclectic from the jump as it aims to deliver a form of a vivid image with the futuristic and experimental instrumentation. It really strays from the usual beat tapes and avoids the use of samples/loops with everything been created from the ground up.  The beats range from solemn, ominous to reflective and the energy is dynamic with its choice of sounds and overall approach.  Tracks like the reflective “Broken Promises (fka Blissed 5)” will take the listener on a nostalgic trip while “Mothra Meets Battra” with its Kaiju inspired title exudes a more atmospheric and ethereal feel.

Inspired by MC and music producer Undakova during Fall 2019, ADUM⁷ was gently challenged to put out 100 instrumentals before 2020. Undakova discovered​​ while teaching music production to at-risk youth up in the Bronx alongside ADUM⁷,  that ADUM⁷ (similar to countless artists in history) had a stash of unreleased work that ​the world, particularly fans of indie Hip-Hop are not familiar with. Accepting the challenge, ADUM⁷ shares 15 new instrumentals that blend elements of the NYC boom-bap style with trap, experimental, lo-fi and electronic music. The new album is one of many that will be released during the last quarter of 2019.

All songs from “The Prototype” ​​​were created ​using Akai’s MPK 49 and Propellerhead’s Reason 10​ software and do not feature vinyl samples or loops.​ The album is available on​ all other streaming platforms​ (notably YouTubeTIDALSpotifyDeezer and more).​ Get it on all DSPs


01. Ai City (fka Future City)
02. Another One
03. Behold (A Tribute to Wu-Tang Clan)
04. Blissed 20
05. Blissed 7
06. Blissed 29
07. Broken Promises (fka Blissed 5)
08. Dont Start
09. Make Love ³
10. Mothra Meets Battra
11. No Filter -(Tribute to Killmonger & the Wu-Tang Clan) – Remix
12. Quiet Life ²
13. Satan Meet Up
14. So What
15. Stranger Things

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