Emerging rapper A2Be caught our attention with two cuts from his stash.

The first song entitled “Unconscious” is pure bravado driven and showcases fiery flows and vivid lyricism and an excellent pen game from the emcee. Bolstered by a somber but hard-hitting trap backdrop, A2Be tackles wack emcees who are too comfortable making template songs and also sends warning shots to the naysayers not so sleep on his skills.

Get “Unconscious” on all DSPs here.

Sick” is a reflective and somber cut that sees A2Be detailing his own troubles over a laidback guitar-driven backdrop. He takes the listeners through the craziness of trying to stay afloat with a 9 to 5 and how life is just not a walk in a park for most. It’s quite emotional and relatable, this is definitely the anthem for those chasing a dream but still grinding at their workplace to make ends meet.

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