Emerging Russian/Finnish singer/songwriter A Girl Called Frank caught our ears with “Hype” which serves as her latest output. The sublime track produced by Matteo Capreoli  explores the aftermath of beign cuagt up in the hype and how it effects one’s perspective negatively. Over an thereal and somewhat moody soundscape, she delivers a heart gripping performance ripe with layered melodies and insightful lyrics that dig deep into the subject matter.

She states that the record talks about losing yourself in a hype-driven society and the minute you reach an excessive level of unhealthy materialism and fame it can turn us into shadows of ourselves losing sight of our weaknesses & our human side.


Luisa Kutza aka A Girl Called Frank was born to an army colonel’s daughter and Finnish soldier serving in the Soviet army and was brought to Germany from Russia at the tender age of 5. She started singing classes at said age and developed her singing prowess throughout the years

Stream “Hype” on SoundCloud,  Deezer, and Apple Music.



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