Summer is pretty close.. well, at least some of us think it’s already here. In fact, some of you are probably getting ready to pack up and bounce to another state, resort, or basically anywhere outside of where you live at to get some fun time in for the summer. I bet that some of you are going to be throwing caution into the wind, and just party your asses off!

Speaking of partying, the summertime is usually the pinnacle for parties, festivals, concerts, and the like,.. and we here at Word Is Bond will be promoting a lot of these events all across the country in 2013, no matter where you’re from. So, be prepared.. as we get into the summertime and help you plan out what you would be expecting to be an awesome time! Word Is Bond is here to help you out with your plans! Continue to check back here as we will be promoting hip-hop shows throughout the summer…



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