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Underground Hip Hop

WIB Rap Radio – Buggs Tha Rocka Interview

Louis Mackey – Silex Scintillans (World Around Single Series)

Word Is Bond Meets K-Def

CunninLynguists, The Grouch & Eligh – The WinterFire EP

Word is Bond meets Phoniks

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AUDIO: Sango – Flat Soda Chasers

Sango – Flat Soda Chasers

From “Sounds of Chimera” beat tape…Very chill and exotic…Producer from Michigan “Sango” states “More ambient and love-themed. It is music accompanied by undertones and slow moving rhythms”



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FREENESS: ALTERfix – Fixtape Vol. 1 (Spain)

ALTERfix – Be Vibes

ALTERFix – Ask

ALTERfix – The Shapeshifter

The beat tape that is introduced “Fixtape Vol.1″ has an charming etiquette to it….The rythimc lacing of samples are electronic with a some soul…Hiphop appeal but other than that very strong…”ALTERfix”….establishes a connection to whats created in sound..It’s worth a listen and a free download…So support the heat from Barcelona and Stay tuned to more sound modifications on the way…





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AUDIO: Uptown Swuite – Encore

FREENESS: Ekdo – 500 Ep (U.K.)

Ekdo – False

Ekdo – Hijack

” 500 EP consists of selected instrumental beats made during my first days of learning to make music with MPC 500 sampler. Hence the name. Nu-old beats re-engineered. ” — Ekdo


500 HERE

Beat HaruWebsite


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PREVIEW: DZA – Supershark EP

DZA – Supershark EP (Snippet)

Yeahhhhh new Project Mooncircle. They dropped this 7 track EP a coupla of days ago and as per it’s real nice. Description from PMC as follows:

Sasha Kholenko is DZA, a Russian beat-maker and producer at the forefront of the scene in Russia and quickly invading the rest of the world with his unique electronic hip-hop creations. At the beginning of 2010, Jus Like Music made contact with DZA and then met with him at the Red Bull Music Academy in London where he was a participant…

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AUDIO: Flying Lotus Remixes

Flying Lotus // Massive Attack // vibeangelmix1

Flying Lotus // Bjork // Shiver

Flylo does it again, unleashing some dope remixes (and other stuff) upon the world on his Soundcloud which he don’t even like, a couple of which are here for your own convenience but for the rest of them you’ll have to head over yourself. Artists flipped are Bjork, Massive Attack, Stereolab and Mr Oiozo. The Massive Attack remix is the best of the lot I think, the repeat button’s almost broke, it’s dope as hell. Anyway give them a listen, and..

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FREENESS: Nemo Achida – Goodbye Brooklyn EP

Nemo Achida – Intro/Brand New

Nemo Achida – John Stockton

New EP by the homie Nemo Achida to mark his time in BK. Dope production by Sean “GoldenChild” Magan of Grand Staff Studios and some incredible flow display, peep the words. Grab this.



Yo! 6 months ago I left my family, friends, & relationship back in Kentucky on the pursuit of opportunity. During this period I was inspired, enlightened, & BROKEN. One thing realized is that, you don’t know what you’re missing until you’re..

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