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Louis Mackey – Silex Scintillans (World Around Single Series)

Word Is Bond Meets K-Def

CunninLynguists, The Grouch & Eligh – The WinterFire EP

Word is Bond meets Phoniks

WIB Rap Radio – Edo.G Interview

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DROP ON A CLASSIC: Gil Scott Heron

Yo ‘DOAC’ is back in full effect sorry to you all for my long absence technical & personal issues have made my life hard as of late, but I’m back and now its on! As many oF you know recently the sad news that Gil Scott Heron passed away on 27th of last month. So in true homage to this great musician a drop on a classic is definitely way over..

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FREENESS: Canya Reial – Special Weedz Vol. 3 (Paris)

Canya Reial – Peacemaker

Canya Reial – Himalayan Gold

Canya Reial – Dolce Vita

Paris Producer “Canya Reial ” slept on for real…ok so the composer puts out a A special Tribute to MF Dooms Special Herbs..Canya is really goin all in paying homage to Doom…This is some WIB HEAT! …The Finesse is shown throughout the beattape…Theres also 2 More Volumes out so…They’ll be up shortly..Other than that peep the steeze overseas..WIB POST GAME PROPER!!….


Canya ReialMyspace


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FREENESS: Black Tokyo – Everybody Ain’t The Same Ep

Black Tokyo – Thorax

Black Tokyo – 4am

ATL Producer “Black Tokyo” drops some magical beats on the Ep “Everybody Ain’t The Same” I can’t say what I make will be liked or unliked but I can say it’s 100% original. I hear things different then most people when creating (almost as if it was speaking to me). If it doesn’t catch you at first let it soak and give it another spin. There’s a method to my madness so I hope you enjoy…(Black-Tokyo)


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AUDIO: Double A – Rest In Peace ( Gil Scott-Heron )

Double A – Rest In Peace (Gil Scott-Heron)

Producer “Double A” from NewYork paying homage to the legendary Gil Scott_Heron..A track I made sampling Gil-Scott Heron’s “Peace Go With You, Brother”. After hearing that he passed away yesterday I thought it was fitting to upload this as a tribute to him. He has had a huge impact on Hip-Hop music; being sampled several times in artists music. Rest In Peace Gil-Scott Heron.

.A Smooth production..Vibe to this!…Ghea!

Double A:

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AUDIO: Scatterbrain – Woodrow the Pothead

Scatterbrain – Woodrow the Pothead

Producer “Scatterbrain” from Jersey City applying skills as to samiyam and Dr. Seuss…Really something interesting a very tasteful mashup..Off the “Green Regs & Hash” project…Lookin forward for it…Enjoy!



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AUDIO: Redline – George Jefferson (prod. Nawlij)

Redline – George Jefferson (Prod. Nawlij)

Redine is back coming out with another Tape called Soul Train….Which is droping May 20th



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FREENESS: The Sandlot – Collective LP

EvergreenOne, Rockwell Powers, Farid Xan – S.L.K. (SandLot Kids)

Grab it here

Fresh release put on by DJ Phinisey & Farid Xan featuring emcees from Tacoma Washington and all over the west coast. Make sure you check this out…dope beats and rhymes….WIB all day.

Info: DJ Phinisey & Farid Xan present The Sandlot: Collective LP, a concept album based on the film representing some of the emerging talent in the Tacoma region and the greater West Coast. The project is produced primarily by DJ Phinisey, with additional production by Kidd Upstairs, sSkoolBoySs, and..

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