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NYC Graffiti Haven, 5 Pointz, Comes To An End

New York City‘s beloved graffiti shrine, 5 Pointz, met its end yesterday when Judge Frederic Block had no choice but to rule in favor of building’s owner. “I love the work and it’s going to tear my heart out to see it torn down, but as a judge I have to apply the law,” he said. [&hellip


Malek : Makes A Beat from Pencils

I have heard beats made out of junk and what have you but this right here is something of the chain. Malek, a producer we featured some months ago hit us up with this demonstration clip of him making a beat out of pencils. I don’t mean sampling pencils sounds to make a beat but [&hellip


A Recent ‘Banksy’ Mural Spotted In Los Angeles?

A Banksy-style art piece recently appeared somewhere in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Taken by Alexis Hyde, the photo (below) shows the piece as a soldier holding a gun over a message saying “Vandals found vandalising this vandalism will be prosecuted.”  The piece itself drew attention from many art blogs and magazines, trying to decide if it’s [&hellip


Tha Alkaholiks x Cali Agents x Casual – Clash Of The Titans Tour!

I just got word of this tour not too long ago, so if you want to see the Cali Agents, Tha Alkaholiks, & Casual (of the Hieroglyphics) live and direct, then check the tour dates below! I know some of the dates have already happened, but it’s not too late to be a part of [&hellip


HVW8 Art + Design Gallery Presents: New Neons + Outdoor Mural (08/23)!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to an art gallery, and possibly been forever since we’ve posted some art exhibit events that are taking place anywhere in your city, state, country, etc. I am an avid fan of art, and it’s crazy that I haven’t posted anything in relation to it on here. You [&hellip

The Word Is Bond

JAY Z Presented As Fine Art (By Alex Reyes)!

We all know JAY Z appreciates art; he made that clear when he made the attempt to bridge the gap again through music. He even made the attempt to namedrop the artists, claiming to be the latest embodiment of fine artistry. But, let’s take a moment to inverse the probability: what if these artists included [&hellip

Rap Quotes Animal

“Rap Quotes” Street Art by Jay Shells

Artist Jay Shells has been taking to the streets of New York with an abstract form of hip hop/rap related art. The New York based website Animal has been making a new video documenting Shells’ project of  creating street signs quoting famous rap lyrics that shout out specific street corners and locations. The avante garde  [&hellip

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