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How The Grouch Stole Christmas 2014 (remaining tour dates)!

Man I can’t believe I missed out on posting this… As you guys probably know already, The Grouch & Eligh have resumed their annually How The Grouch Stole Christmas tour. For those of you who aren’t in the know, they had to cancel their tour last year. They’ve returned with DJ Abilities, Sunspot Jonz, and Cunninlynguists. [&hellip


De La Soul feat. Chuck D – The People; Tour Dates!

If you haven’t been on the internets in the past couple of days, then you missed the release of a new joint from De La Soul! This time, they bring you a socially conscious song that demands your attention to listen, thanks to the assistance of Chuck D, who is featured on the track. This [&hellip


Wu-Tang Clan Releases ‘A Better Tomorrow’

After all the events that have taken place with this group, including the delays, the album in finally here! Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow is now available for purchase. It has been 20 years since their debut release and the members have been very busy with their respective solo projects. The Word Is Bond has got to [&hellip


J.Rocc drops ‘Beats on Tap(e)’…

Have you ever had an assignment that one would assume would take you a number of days, or even months to finish, but you end up knocking it out within more than half of the time and was like ‘ahhhh yeah!’? Well, that’s pretty much what happened with this 30-min beat tape that J.Rocc quickly [&hellip


KRS-One To Headline Rhymefest LA This Saturday!

The legendary KRS-ONE will be headlining Rhymefest LA‘s festival this Saturday at the Ukraine Cultural Center. This event will mark Rhymefest LA’s first anniversary for bringing your some hometown talent, as well as some special guests to appear – for a cheap price! As for their first anniversary party, KRS-ONE will be doing a 2-hour [&hellip

lorange the orchid days

L’Orange – After The Flowers EP

If you guys have already checked out The Orchid Days, you should grab L’Orange‘s follow-up project After The Flowers. After The Flowers is another painting that the North Carolina has weaved together so effortlessly, and he enlisted a number of features from Chuck Inglish and Red Pill to Johaz (of Dag Savage). This piece of art is available for [&hellip


A3C Presents: HiphopNHipsters!

At A3C today at 5PM, HiphopNHipsters will be having their stage set for a new breed of talent to go up and perform for you guys. One of those emcees will be representing Pasadena, Calif.. none other than FOCI himself. Don’t miss out on some new talent! Continue Reading

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