Zo aka Les Chauves-Souris (The Bat) is a hip-hop producer based in France. His latest project titled Mississi’hip is coming under the aegis of Cascade records and what you should expect from this is pretty much summed up in the title. The mere mention of Mississippi triggers a variety of things depending on what background you originate from, without having to go deep into the whole racial thing we can all say the blues are a distinct product of that environment.

Zo while not a resident of the region in question has managed to channel the emotions, energy and history through his compositions. Smooth guitar riffs, emotion inducing chord changes and driving horns layered over pounding drum breaks and percussions make for a retro fitted soundscape.

The short visual is particularly disturbing and unexpected in a way. A wrapped figure hanging upside down from a tree symbolizing his winged rodent persona and an image that taints America’s sordid past.

need I say more. Get with the program.

Cop the release HERE

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