Yung Citizen is back with a 4 track body of work he calls ‘ F.I.T. EP’. The title stands for ‘Feel In Tune’ and sets the tone for the poignant project that sees Citizen in his element as he tackles several topics that everyone can relate to. From the first track “Feel In Tune” he shares his thoughts on how the generation deal with social pressures amongst other things. The second track “I Wish” has a more uplifting vibe with its joyous energy that sees Citizen wishing for the good things in life as we all should. “Risa Royce” introduces us to a more reflective Citizen as he takes us to where he came from. He also dives deep into his personal files and opens up about his late grandmother and auntie. The final track on the project “Sauce” has an anthemic feel with its brass sounds and hard-hitting trap vibes and ends the project on a high note with its inspirational message.

‘ F.I.T. EP’ is quite short but sure packs enough to keep his listeners content till the next release. Hit the play button and get familiar.

YUNG Citizen, is a music producer/artist who blends his own unique interpretations of Hip Hop, R&B/Pop to create timeless masterpieces that will penetrate the inner soul. Founder of Citizenship Music Group, YUNG Citizen’s ultimate goal is to create timeless music that inspires and motivates the world to follow their dreams.


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