‘”ING COBRA” is the infectious and braggadocious new single from LA-based Trinidadian rap artist and entrepreneur YEARWOOD, which is taken from his highly anticipated debut EP titled Animal Farm that is set to be released next year. The single comes on the back of the powerful protest song “Black Panther”, which Yearwood released this summer to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 and to highlight the current systemic racism that is still rife in the United States. In sharp contrast to the serious political theme of “Black Panther”, “King Cobra” sees Yearwood offering a light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek element to his artistry that fans and critics alike will appreciate. Over a bass-heavy trap backdrop, YEARWOOD delivers carefree flows with straight-to-the-point lyrics that listeners can rock with.


For the accompanying “King Cobra” music video, which was shot in downtown LA, Yearwood collaborated with burgeoning film director Andy Salinas (GuapRuns), who has most recently worked with the likes of Future and DJ Esco, among others, to bring the fun and jovial track further to life. As YEARWOOD explains, “We tried to squeeze in as many references to the lyrics of the song into the video, and we generally just had a lot of fun on set. My wife has disapproved in advance with respect to the number of scantily clad models involved in the shoot, and will definitely say that the video came out ‘wack’. Even though the pandemic made shooting a bit trickier, this was one of the more fun videos I’ve made”.

With two Master’s Degrees under his belt, one from Wharton School and the other from Harvard University, Yearwood’s entry into music was certainly not planned. A chance visit to a studio in New York sparked that first exposure and interest in making music, and then a 16-month period of unemployment gave him the opportunity to work on his songwriting and music-making abilities. While Yearwood’s Caribbean roots shine through in his music, his rap influences, from DMX to Jay-Z to Kanye West, as well as his penchant for sonic experimentation, have also helped shape his intriguing rap fusion sound.

“King Cobra” is the second single from Yearwood’s upcoming debut album Animal Farm.


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