After the impact of his recent single ‘God Complex, many hip-hop fans including myself were eagerly anticipating YC The Cynic’s next move. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long and ‘Molotovs At Poseidon’ gives fans what they wanted and more.

The video is constantly unsettling but always engaging, perfectly in tune with YC’s concept for the track. Normally videos of ”rappers with guns” comes off feeling a little repetitive, but not when YC does it. The most exciting aspect of the single is his lyricism, which would hold up against other emcee dropping music right now. The piece keeps you continually guessing, making it a candidate for the most creative video of the year thus far.

I have no qualms in saying I feel YC is about to blow up, and I’d be surprised if your average music fan doesn’t hear about him soon. His production and content has that cross over appeal, with the beautiful thing about it been he keeps it purely hip-hop. YC The Cynic the type of artist we need to represent the genre to people who may have misgivings about commercial rap.    

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