I first came on to wun two about a couple of years ago and in the twenty-four months since he has never once failed to satisfy. His crackly beats are full of suspense and story, complete with a signature snare (seriously, no one else has a snare that sharp). Exquisitely crafted beats from jazzy loops, they are profound in their simplicity and his hip hop instrumentals are definitely the cream of the crop at the moment. It is genuine reinterpretation of the old-school boombap era.

lemon is his latest output. It’s nothing too extensive – just a four track long EP – but as you might expect contains the sweetest lo-fi beats you could wish to hear. The first joint, a collaboration with fellow European melodiesinfonie, is the standout track really, but each one gives off that head-nodding sit-back-and-enjoy vibe. Whats more, this release is available on 7″ vinyl, so if you’re one of those heads that really likes their underground gems I implore you to make that investment. Otherwise, purchased the EP digitally for €3. Should give a shoutout to Radio Juicy and Urban Waves who made the release possible. Word is Bond Salutes!

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