Chicago Jazz/HipHop fusion act Deep Fayed is out with an interesting piece of art titled “Places We Don’t Go‘. The vibrant soundscape is enhanced by a myriad of vocalists, starting with singer Catherine Poulos who sets the tone of the track with her lush melodies. Emcee D2G comes through with two solid verses to tie everything together.


Quote from George of Deep Fayed: “I really like the idea that your past influences your future, but it’s your decisions in life that make you who you are… your past and present self are different, but the same. Places We Don’t Go conveys two perspectives based off the verses written by D2G. They’re also heard within the contrasting sections of the music. I wrote the choruses, sang by Catherine Poulos, from the perspective of a kid experiencing the pain of loneliness, while D2G’s verses are through the eyes of a young couple expressing their love, honesty, and understanding — they aren’t alone.”

Bio – Deep Fayed is the brainchild of Chicago guitarist and songwriter, George Wundsam. The moniker Deep Fayed has grown to define who he is as an individual and artist. As for the music, it embodies a wide range of influences and emotions that help shape the electrifying songs. The groove-based, alternative hip-hop vibe that has defined Deep Fayed over the years has evolved with its creator and become a greater extension of artistic expression. The fusion of intricate production, inventive songwriting, and live performance gives Deep Fayed a sound that is unlike anything else.

The song-writing is brought to life by the musicians, vocalists, and MCs he collaborates with. His first EP release Deep Fayed was written with Southside Chicago poet and MC, Lawrence “Binkey” Tolefree, and released in June 2013. Written at a time when George was discovering a different side of the city and building relationships with new people, Deep Fayed is an anthem album for both Binkey and George.

Deep Fayed’s next release tells a different story. With the title Full Spectrum Of, the LP includes themes of love and coping with depression. The songwriting moves more towards George’s attention the to process. The lush and detail oriented style of production helps sculpt out a more realized reflection of Deep Fayed. On this project, Chicago rapper “D2G” takes the mic as MC, alongside Catherine Poulos on vocals. Contributions from rappers “R.O.E.” and “Neak” go unnoticed as their verses aid in telling the album’s story of relationships and love. The musicians on the album are Matt Wilson (bass),  Chresten Hyde (drums), Cole DeGenova (keys), also with Kyle Liss (keys), Dane Crozier (percussion).

Deep Fayed release the single Waves (feat. R.O.E.) in August 2016, available now to stream at Soundcloud. “Fayed’s first full-length album “Full Spectrum Of” is due out in Spring 2017.

Deep Fayed released their debut, six-song EP, Deep Fayed, in 2013. The album features rapper and poet, Lawrence “Binkey” Tolefree, acclaimed jazz drummer, Makaya McCraven, as well as other well-known musicians ann the scene. In their debut release, the groove-based group brings to the listener gritty, “urban-anthemic” songs that hit deep into the soul with a fearless, vastly layered soundscape of delicious ear candy.

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