Emerging young Berlin-based duo Wolfskind & Bayuk  have joined forces to bring the world their eclectic musical styles. Both artists have interesting backgrounds and histories in media and entertainment.Wolfskind started in 2016 uploading unofficial remixes on SoundCloud before he signed with Universal Music Publishing, where he got into songwriting for the first time. This was where he met Bayuk who help trigger his love for making music once more and the rest is history.

Bayuk also started in 2016 when he tried unsuccessfully to secure a spot to study arts and media studies but by happenstance, a record he did on Garage band got into the hands of German indie producer Tobias Siebert, who then wanted to work on an album with him. He went on to drop his solo album under his own label in 2018 while playing numerous shows which led to him meeting Wolfskind and the two men formed an eternal musical bond.

The duo’s latest release “75%” is a mix of alternative pop, soul and hip-hop and sees them working with newcomer Llucid. The production is as eclectic as they come and it has an airy and ethereal vibe the piano progressions and lush textures blend perfectly while Llucid delivers a fiery rap verse ripe with insight and some bravado to match.

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