Rising rapper WilliefromtheDrive drops his new compilation titled Forgot to drop these while protecting your feelings. The project is a body of work loaded with 62 tracks that spans 2018 to date. The project is a mixed bag of topics that range from loyalty, love, aspirational tunes and club-ready cuts.

The project starts with “Shouldve Dropped This 2021”, a mid-tempo anthemic tune that sees the emcee in his element. He delivers a laidback melodic performance and peppers it with playful rhymes. It’s a solid intro as he flexes his skills on the opposition. This is followed by the sombre “tore me apart”, a solemn piano-driven track that explores the dynamics of disloyal friends and the aftermath of being true. His lyrics are graphic and he pours his heart on wax with lines like“I pray for the rest of my homies/ my niggaz been coping with Codeine/Trying to fuck with dem hoes like Jodie/almost went insane, there was no heat”. On “THE BADDEST”, WilliefromtheDrive recruits uprising rapper Dollo for a solid duet that dives into having a ride or die. WilliefromtheDrive sets the tone with his bravado-laden flow as he details the voluptuous features of his girl. Dollo follows up with a laidback flow and shares his take on the topic.


“Fuck you Kalema” is an introspective tune that sees reflecting on his mistakes and the drama with his baby mama. Lines like “So fuck that lil change, you can keep it/Dont know why I gave you my semen/You laughed at me when my stomach will rumble” captures WilliefromtheDrive’s unapologetic demeanour and how he truly feels about the situation. “Flowing Better” features Sicko Mitch and both he and WilliefromtheDrive deliver a smooth performance ripe with a vivid lyricism that dives into the ups and downs of street life and daily hurdles. On “Monster Demon Killer”, he once again shows us how he manoeuvres through the detractors and haters who continue to derail him but he is not falling into the trappings. “Shottas” has rappers Balla b and Tim Gzz who add their distinct styles and pepper the sombre backdrop with their expressive melody-laden raps while “Decisions” sees the rapper digging deep and take us deep into the mix of the action with a graphic story filled with street savvy lines.


The project sure has a lot and covers a wide range of releases from WilliefromtheDrive over the years. Tracks like “Bossup” has a catchy chorus and punchy trap soundscape that caters to lovers of the genre while the anthemic “Showtime” showcases his lyric prowess. Other notable tunes include the solemn and reflective “More Money” which talks about the rappers’ hustle and the change that occurs when life happens and the closer “super nova”. Here, he talks about how having a resilient spirit helped him stay sane through the madness in this thing called life. Lines like “follow God, we need the love and closure/its fucked up but its all over/Got my head held up keep it all composure and I came up from the ground, I’m like a supernova” shows remorse and being content with one’s situation.


Overall, Forgot to drop these while protecting your feelings is quite a lot for most but will cater to a wide variety of lovers of the trap sub-genre.






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