We celebrate International Women’s Day every year by shining a spotlight on Hip Hop’s better half.

This episode kicks off with a guest set from DJ Hullewud of Break North Radio.

We then have an interview with Shubzilla and Bill Beats.

We close off with a guest set from Daddy J of DOPEfm.

JJ Fad – Ya Goin’ Down
Roxanne Shante – Pay Back
Boss – Progress of Elimination
Terminator X ft Bonnie N Clyde – Homey Don’t Play Dat
Salt-N-Pepa – Somebody’s Gettin On My Nerves
The Conscious Daughters – Princess Of Poetry
Anquette – Frestyle Rappin
Tarrie B – Murder She Wrote
The Real Roxanne – Roxanne’s On A Roll
Shubzilla & Bill Beats – Rhetoric
Shubzilla & Bill Beats – Independent
Shubzilla & Bill Beats – Unwind
Shubzilla & Bill Beats – Happy
Conway the Machine ft Jill Scott – Chanel Pearls
Empress – Speak Reality
LEX the Lexicon Artist (as Vanya) ft Beefy (as Luthor), Crossover (as Diego), Prowess the Testament (as Allison), Schaffer the Darklord (as Klaus), Freeced (as Five), Super Smack (as Ben), and MC Frontalot (as Reginald Hargreeves)  – The Umbrella Academy Cypher
Tara Chase – Autonomy
Hip Hop HeadUCatorz – That’s Education
Eternia & Rel McCoy – Worldwide
Daddy J – guest mix (sorry no tracklisting right now)

Thanks for the support!

See you next week with our third part of Women in Hip Hop 12!

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