Word is Bond Rap Radio got started half an hour last week so today, you can look forward to over two hours of great hip-hop music to blast on your computer, smartphone, or MP3 player. There weren’t any interviews this week either so it’s straight music with that boom-bap, underground hip-hop that we all love here at The Word is Bond!


5.1.nine.0.2. – More Money Than Friends
E-turn & SPS – One Day at a Time
Gangstarr – Ex Girl to Next Girl
Von Pea and the Other Guys – Chasing Amy aka In Your Heart
deM atlaS – Time of Our Lives
Diamond D ft Pharoah Monche – Rap Life
Jay-Z – Marcy Me
Eternia ft Pheonix Pagliacci – For This Life
Keith Murray ft Buckshot – No Props
Ngajuana – Biodegradable
Classified – Damn Right
Tragedy & BP ft Apathy and DJ Stitches – Mastermind
Wiser – Know That
DJ Skizz ft Jak Frost and Lil Fame – High Powered
More or Les ft Mega Ran – Hidden in Plain Sight
Chuckie Campbell – Dream is but a Dream
Bozack Morris ft Black Milk – The Darkness
Malcolm Jay – Don’t Let Me Down
John Jigg$ and Rockwelz – Self Made
Everlast – Dream State
Ahmad – Back in the Day
Smooth Da Hustla – F*c* What You Heard
Awkword – I Am
D-Strong – In the Masters Footsteps
Fortunato – What I Got to Say
Millyz & Statik Selectah ft Jadakiss – Let It Go
Primal Winds ft D-sisive – Rising
Psybo ft Timbuktu – Bash Co
Czarface & MF Doom – Nautical Depth
Wordburglar – The 2nd Last Song
Citizen Kane – Blackrain
Eminem – Fall
A Tribe Called Quest ft Common – Remedy
Ozomatli ft Common – Embrace the Chaos
Run-DMC – Big Willis
Grey Yard – Fade to Grey

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