Melting Elk is a dream like experience. A beautiful blend of frustration, talent and personality. Aggressively stir those dispositions together with sharp, pithy lyrics and subject matter ranging from Pierce Brosnan on Xanax to Alien abductions. Pour some emotion filled, grunge like riffs over this already uniquely delicious concoction to make the lyrics really pop. Sprinkle some complex, powerful drum sequences into the mix and you have yourself a band with a fully formed but ever evolving identity. Melting Elk was formed in 2016 by 3 friends in their mid-twenties looking to create records that reflect their diverse musical backgrounds. Each member of the trio offers up a unique take on a hip-hop genre that has strayed away from experimentation with live sound, lyricism and real instruments. The bands next project, Redbowl shows a giant leap in maturation, focus and dedication to their craft. Please enjoy the first visual offering off Redbowl, ‘Pierce Brosnan’.

Stream the song on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple then go follow Melting Elk on social media via Instagram, Facebook plus you can check on their catalogue on Bandcamp.

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